ExChat’s KLine team was established as a mediator between ExChat, the offenders and the providers, in the hopes of reaching a peaceful resolution to any questions regarding autokills that are in place.

Whether the question comes from a ExChat user, a staff member, or a provider, it’s up to the KLine team to offer proof upon request regarding any charge of abuse.

Please keep in mind that the ExChat IRC Network, as well as any server linked to ExChat, have the right to deny any access to its network for any reason, with or without cause. Abuse includes, but is not limited to: mass-advertising, open proxy abuse, exploiting of viruses or any material that might cause damage to another user, cloning, evading autokills and evading channel bans. Each area is handled by a specialized sub-team.

The current KLine Team members are:

Dilligaf – Team Leader

Zork – Team Leader






This team can be reached at the following email address: