Copyright information / DMCA Registered Agent

Copyright information / DMCA Registered Agent

Please note that in most cases, unless infringing content is located at a web address (something that looks like, that content is most likely hosted on an ISP not affiliated with ExChat IRC Network, and ExChat IRC Network can do very little to get the content removed.

For instance, if a user on a RoadRunner cable modem, Earthlink DSL, or other form of internet access offers copyright infringing content to other users by sending them a message via IRC, ExChat IRC Network can do very little to impede this user’s ability to offer said material. The user is under the jurisdiction of their ISP, who controls their access to the internet. Banning a user from ExChat IRC Network, for instance, will not in any way impede that user’s ability to exchange files using his or her computer.

Indeed, it has been ExChat IRC Network’s experience in the past, when attempting to block an unscrupulous user, that completely banning the user from ExChat IRC Network (the most severe action ExChat IRC Network can take), the user will either find a new ISP (thus circumventing the host-based or IP-based ban), or start right up again using a new IRC network.

Files exchanged between users via ‘DCC’ occur as a function of the IRC client in use by the two users; the file transferred never touches, is stored by, or otherwise transits any computer or network associated with ExChat IRC Network. Therefore, it is impossible for ExChat IRC Network to block such file transfers.

ExChat IRC Network strongly believes that the best way to get decisive action against a user offering copyrighted materiel is to go directly to that user’s ISP and at the same time file civil or criminal charges directly against that user.

If needed, ExChat IRC Network will cooperate with law enforcement with any information or assistance ExChat IRC Network can provide (though again, ExChat IRC Network cannot help much other than possibly to provide channel and nickname registration logs; ExChat IRC Network does not collect personal information other than a user’s e-mail address which is used for registration confirmation purposes.)

To report copyright infringement on web pages or computers hosted by ExChat IRC Network, please e-mail Please note that due to the fact that ExChat IRC Network is staffed entirely by volunteers, e-mail is the most expeditious way to get a request answered. Volunteers and resources are unfortunately not available to process paper mail or telephone calls in a timely manner.

If you must send paper correspondence, please send it to ExChat IRC Network’s Registered Agent (on file with the US Copyright Office) at:

Ellis Hill Jr.
ExChat IRC Network
Po Box 1221
Williamson, Wv 25661

We request that if you do send paper correspondence to the above address, that you also send an e-mail to in order to expedite the processing of your request.

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