Open Proxy

ExChat Open Proxy Monitors

ExChat scans all connecting users to make sure they are not connecting from exploited hosts, such as open proxies, trojans etc. Users connecting from these hosts are responsible for the vast majority of the spam on ExChat, which is annoying and potentially dangerous.

You will receive the following notice when connecting:

*** Notice — This server runs an open proxy monitor to prevent abuse.
*** Notice — If you see connections on various ports from [scanner host]
*** Notice — please disregard them, as they are the monitor in action.
*** Notice — For more information please visit

By remaining connected to ExChat you are giving tacit authorization
for ExChat to scan your computer to ensure it is not exploited. If
you do not wished to be scanned, you are free to disconnect.

ExChat currently scans at least the following ports:
– 23 (open wingate / cisco)
– 1080 (socks)
– 80 (http proxy, mini-oblivion virus)
– 81 (http proxy)
– 3128 (squid [http] proxy)
– 8080 (http proxy)
– 8081 (http proxy)

If you have any questions, please contact our Exploits Prevention Team.

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